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Red24 Management
Tel: 020 7404 5722

I love being behind the microphone. For a start, I don’t have to slap on makeup or do my hair, and if I’m working from home I don’t have to bother with travel either. Slatternly turn.

I’ve worked across a wide range of genres including ADR and drama. I also sing – in fact, those jingles behind a couple of the commercials are all my own work! I’ve recorded a number of jobs from home this year, including audiobooks, an installation for the Bloomsbury Festival, an animation for a major service provider, and a number of e-learning projects.  Below are some of my clients and projects:


Audiobooks and Audiodramas

Just a selection of titles I’ve worked on. Click on the picture for more information. I have a number of free downloads for Eve to give away. Please contact me for your code and instructions.

Dark minds audiobook Heather Tracy Walles Hamonde


A note on accents: A client once told me I was rather like Joanna Lumley, only cheaper. It’s all very confusing given that my dad was a real gorblimey Eastender and my mother grew up in Leeds. Dad reinvented himself when he joined the RAF, knowing he would never make officer status without perfect BBC vowels, so I grew up copying him. But I’m the accent equivalent of a sleeper agent, ready to unleash my Alf Garnett or Thora Hird upon suitable remuneration. Honest, gov. Ecky-thump.