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For audiobooks, please get in touch with me directly via the Contact page.


Home Studios

Studio 1

Small treated space, Rode NT-2000, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, Adobe Audition for Mac

Studio 2

Acoustically treated dedicated room, Rode NT-1, Audient ID14, Adobe Audition for Mac



RP, Heightened RP (aristocratic), authentic Yorkshire (mum), authentic Cockney/East End (dad), Liverpool, Manchester, Standard US, Mid Atlantic, French


1-Minute Demo


Narration – UK

Narration – US/Mid Atlantic




Northern Accent

I love being behind the microphone.  I don’t have to slap on makeup or do my hair and I can wear yesterday’s t-shirt . Slatternly turn.

Years of prancing about on stage and screen have blessed me with a versatile voice which encompasses a wide age range – including children and the frail elderly – and variety of styles, from sexy soft sell to crystal-clear corporate. My natural accent is a perfectly-formed neutral British English (RP) but I can also produce authentic Yorkshire/North of England and Cockney/Essex (thanks mum and dad!), East Coast US and Mid-Atlantic.

I’ve worked across a wide range of genres including explainers, ELT, ADR, audiodrama and audiobooks. Oh – and I sing. In fact, those jingles behind a couple of the commercials are all my own work.

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