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I love being behind the microphone. For a start, I don’t have to slap on makeup or do my hair, and if I’m working from home I don’t have to bother with travel either. Slatternly turn.

Years of prancing about on stage and screen have blessed me with a versatile voice which encompasses a wide age range – including children and the frail elderly – and variety of styles, from sexy soft sell to crystal-clear corporate. My natural accent is a perfectly-formed neutral British English (RP) but I can also produce authentic Yorkshire and Cockney/Essex (thanks mum and dad!), East Coast US and Mid-Atlantic.

I’ve worked across a wide range of genres including explainers, ELT, ADR and audiodrama. I also record audiobooks from the comfort of my cozy home studio. Oh – and I sing. In fact, those jingles behind a couple of the commercials are all my own work.

Below is a selection of clients. Some of the logos link to more information (it’s a bit Bertie Bott’s Beans but without the ’orrible flavours).


Latest voice news

Stepping out of my usual range, I’ve voiced a more mature Mid-Atlantic poetic narration on Periode 28, a beguiling short film shot on Super 8 by from lovely team at Blitz Opaque.  Take a sneaky peak at it here.

Two audiobooks have just been released on Audible, intriguing thriller Frances, and The Narcissistic Mother A-Z, the first in a bundle of three books on this subject.

Audiobooks and audiodramas

Click on the picture for information or here for my Audible narration page.

Eve – A Christmas Ghost Story: “The narration, in particular, was wonderful. Every character has a separate voice – so much so that it’s almost hard to believe it’s just one person!”  *** “Really loved this book and the narrator was fantastic  – her northern accent was spot on.”  *** “Didn’t want to put it on pause. Great listen, well narrated too.”

Her Final Flight: “Cliched Rashaa may be, but she’s impressively nasty and Heather Tracy imbues the role with a certain relish.”  *** “Heather Tracy is nicely sinister as the deadly Rashaa.”  *** “Heather Tracy impresses as the Doctor’s foe.”

Dark minds audiobook Heather Tracy Walles Hamonde