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I’m a British actor, voice-over, writer and occasional dancer, which does rather make me sound like a dilettante. Far from it. Acting feeds my writing, dancing feeds my voice, and all of it sometimes even feeds me.

I love my life. Do feel free to browse it.

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Pride of Honor, a Regency romance narrated with Arthur Rowan,  is now available. Sophie Brancelli must ensure her marriage to a suitable gentleman of the ton before her 21st birthday, or she’ll be destitute.


I had the huge pleasure of being part of the choir for Karuna’s debut single, released on Earth Day 2022. Watch the video here.


Watch out for the Let There Be Fruit campaign from Robinsons. I sing the ‘epic pruning’ one-liner at the top of the song!


The audiobook for Miss Willmott’s Ghosts has been released. Ellen Willmott was a brilliant Edwardian gardener whose genius has been lost over the years to her eccentric, irascible reputation. Sandra Lawrence puts the record straight.


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