Shukhov, Kandinsky and blue satin drag queens, Bleak urban landscapes and old 80s has-beens, Ballet and Bartók and synthesised strings, These are a few of my favourite things.


Talking of bleak landscapes, here’s one of my favourite films.


Delia Derbyshire

Lovely podcast here (featuring my hero John Foxx) celebrating what would have been Delia Derbyshire’s 80th birthday. She was an electronic music pioneer who worked for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and famous for creating the Doctor Who theme. Her other work, often dark and transcendent, is well worth exploring.


Romances at the end of the World

I worked with Dani Lam while living in rural France, and contributed vocals (singing, cursing, screaming) to a few tracks on this album.


Higher Higher Higher

In 2015 I got to share a stage with my hero, David Byrne, as part of the Atomic Bomb choir at Meltdown. It was one of the most joyous, high-octane experiences of my life! RIP William Onyeabor, who died in January this year.


Wild is the wig

One of the best versions of one of the very best songs, hairpiece too. Oh Billy.