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Andromeda Talent
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I had great fun filming Hounded, a feature from the team that brought you The Hatton Garden Job. Watch out for its release later in 2022.

Me, Me, It’s All About Me!

I trained at Rose Bruford at a time when hair was huge and dissertations were hand written. It’s fair to say that I look fabulous for my age I’ve had an eclectic career, which has encompassed blowing things up on stage (dressed as a monk holding a plastic chicken), performing blood-curdling death screams at the Royal Opera House and trundling across Westminster Bridge inside a Dalek. I spent several years with comedy acapella group The Frigidaires, touring internationally and supporting Lily Savage and Boney M (not on the same night). My lungs are still in good nick and I put them to good use as one of the singing Delia Smiths in Harry Hill’s Tea Time.

I can do lofty. I’m a regular contributor to Shore To Shore, an ongoing collaborative project with young people in Morocco and Spain, and have performed Shakespeare and other classical texts at Hever Castle, Shakespeare’s Globe and with the OSC at a number of venues including Hampton Court and the Temple of Artemis in Jerash, Jordan.

After a ten-year sabbatical (excepting the odd job here and there), I re-started my acting career in earnest at the end of 2019. Stunning timing!

Things I can do: Sing (very high), read music, play the piano, swim, SCUBA dive, dance (ballet, samba, ceilidhs, bad 80s robotics), drive (“like a man” according to my uncle), and produce a Marimekko Excel chart with formulae linked to an updatable table.