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Urban Fantasy: M/F Dialogue – London – Comedic

Crime | Thriller – 1st Person – RP – Dark/Cold

Mystery: Multiple F Dialogue – Yorkshire – Character

Crime | Thriller: 1st Person F – Cockney – Elderly

Urban Fantasy: F/F Dialogue – London – Teenager

Thriller: F/M Dialogue – Yorkshire – Argument

Romance: F/F Dialogue – Liverpool/French – Warm

Cozy Mystery: Multi M/F – RP/US – Character

Urban Fantasy: F/F Dialogue – London – Dying Child

Urban Fantasy: M/F Dialogue – London – Creature

Urban Fantasy: F/F Dialogue – Posh – Succubus

Audio Drama


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Voiceovers have complemented my professional theatrical career for some years now, and I became an audiobook narrator relatively recently – by accident rather than design (I was headhunted)! I had already recorded a number of audiodramas for companies such as BBC Radio 4 and Big Finish, so it was a natural progression.


Two recent releases.

Lord Hale’s Monster, a paranormal investigation. Tempest and Amanda are guests at Lord Hale’s horrific 80th birthday party and must join forces with a wizard, some scientists, occult experts, ghost chasers, witches, and other assorted idiots as they fight to make it through the night in one piece.

The Couple in Cabin 2124, a Patricia Fisher cozy mystery. When a crew member takes his own life but hands Patricia a cryptic note and a request to save Anna just before he jumps, she feels she has no choice but to honour his dying wish. Who is Anna though? 

Fun Fact

I played Ria (the Doctor’s companion) in Audio Visuals, the original unlicensed series of Doctor Who audio drama waaaaay back when!

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Dark minds audiobook Heather Tracy Walles Hamonde


The narration was some of the best, most entertaining I have heard to date! She made Stella, David and company come absolutely TO LIFE for me and I cannot thank her enough!

The narration, in particular, was wonderful. Every character has a separate voice – so much so that it’s almost hard to believe it’s just one person!

The story is fast-paced, intriguing and fun, but what really set it apart for me was the narration. Heather Tracy did a fantastic job, particularly of the voices, and her enthusiasm pulled me right along for the ride.

The narration is EXCELLENT! Heather Tracy has been added to my list of favorite narrators.