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Voiceovers have complemented my professional theatrical career for some years now, and I became an audiobook narrator relatively recently – by accident rather than design (I was headhunted)! I had already recorded numerous audiodramas for companies such as BBC Radio 4 and Big Finish, so it was a natural progression. I work mostly from home and must have spent literally hundreds of hours improving  my technical skills. The wonderful thing about this game is that you never stop learning or being surprised. Long may it continue!

Fun Fact

I played Ria (the Doctor’s companion) in Audio Visuals, the original unlicensed series of Doctor Who audio drama waaaaay back when!

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Dark minds audiobook Heather Tracy Walles Hamonde


The third recording in the Narcissistic Mother series is on its way and I’m also producing a second title from J F Clayton, Moonday.  I will also be narrating a series of three amazing books, starting in February, which I’m really excited about. More news on these soon.


Eve – A Christmas Ghost Story:

***The narration, in particular, was wonderful. Every character has a separate voice – so much so that it’s almost hard to believe it’s just one person!

*** Really loved this book and the narrator was fantastic  – her northern accent was spot on.

*** Didn’t want to put it on pause. Great listen, well narrated too.

Her Final Flight:

***Cliched Rashaa may be, but she’s impressively nasty and Heather Tracy imbues the role with a certain relish.

*** Heather Tracy is nicely sinister as the deadly Rashaa. 

*** Heather Tracy impresses as the Doctor’s foe.