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Home Studios

Studio 1

Small treated space, Rode NT-2000, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, Adobe Audition for Mac


Studio 2

Acoustically treated dedicated room, Rode NT-1, Audient ID14, Adobe Audition for Mac




RP, Heightened RP (aristocratic), authentic Yorkshire (mum), authentic Cockney/East End (dad), Mid Atlantic, Upper Class US





1-minute Audiodrama Montage




Characters – Elderly/Child



Starring Colin Baker and Nicol Bryant.
Clich├ęd Rashaa may be, but she’s impressively nasty and Heather Tracy imbues the role with a certain relish.
Paul Clarke, Outpost Gallifrey


The original Tomorrow People, John, Elizabeth, Mike and Stephen, thirty years on. I was such a fan as a kid, so this was a dream come true!


Starring Lalla Ward and Louise Jameson.



A temp is sent to the Department for Culture, Media & Sport, where she finds herself assigned to an elite group of rock and pop stars who combat alien intelligences …
Listen to the whole play here.

Me Me, It’s All About Me!

Of all the voice genres out there, I think audiodrama has to be one of my favourites. Back in the day, I recorded a number of audio/radio dramas for BBC Radio 4 and Big Finish, as well as indie writers, and loved it. After a sabbatical in rural France, I returned to London, set up a home studio and launched myself into audiobooks, which I also love, but it’s very solitary. I miss working with others so I’m putting it out there. More drama please. Just not the type that’s plagued 2020!

Fun Fact

I played Ria (the Doctor’s companion) in Audio Visuals, the original unlicensed series of Doctor Who audio drama waaaaay back when! I was even made into a cartoon!